Basic training in psychotherapy (Bill 21)

Medipsy offers training to anyone wishing to meet the requirements of Bill 21 to practice psychotherapy. Some of these courses are offered in classrooms, while others are offered online. 

Medipsy offers basic training in psychotherapy to licensed guidance counselors (OCCOQ), nurses (OIIQ), psychoeducators (OPPQ), occupational therapists (OEQ), and social workers/family therapists (OPTSQ) wishing to meet the requirements to practice as a psychotherapist in Quebec.  We offer:

  • Information on Bill 21
  • Workshops, seminars and courses related to the academic requirements of Bill 21
  • Clinical supervision to meet the supervised practice requirements of Bill 21. 

If you are looking for a specialized seminar on a specific topic, we can organize a workshop for you and your colleagues. 


Courses currently offered

  • Psychodynamic theoretical model. Bill 21 requires that candidates complete a minimum of 45 hours of training in the psychodynamic model, as well as an additional 90 hours of specialisation in the psychodynamic model or in any of the other three theoretical models. On a regular basis, Medipsy offers a course that falls under the psychodynamic domain: experiential dynamic therapy. Please note that this course is offered in the Winter 2017 semester
  • The legal and organisational aspects of psychotherapy practice. Bill 21 requires that candidates complete 45 hours of training on the legal and organisational aspects of psychotherapy practice. Medipsy will be offering that course online as of August 2017. 

The requirements of Bill 21

In order to qualify for a psychotherapy permit, candidates must be members of an eligible order and hold a master's degree in the field of mental health and human relations. In addition, candidates must complete:

765 hours of training in psychotherapy, including:

  • 270 hours related to theoretical models in psychotherapy. 45 of these 270 hours must be related to each of these four recognized modalities (dynamic, cognitive behavioral, systemic, and humanistic). An additional 90 hours must be related to one of the four models;
  • 90 hours related to common factors in psychotherapy;
  • 90 hours related to critical tools, including research methods;
  • 180 hours related to the classification of mental disorders and psychopathology;
  • 45 hours related to the link between biology and psychotherapy;
  • 45 hours related to the legal and organizational aspects of practice; and
  • 45 hours related to ethics.


600 hours of supervised clinical practice, including :

  • 300 hours of direct contact with a minimum of 10 clients/patients, each client/patient having received at least 10 hours of therapy; and
  • 100 hours of individual supervision.


Both the training and supervision need to be offered by professionals who meet a number of requirements as defined in the Bill. For more information, please click here to visit the website of the Order of psychologists of Quebec or here to see the Bill.