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The Medipsy Phobia Clinic


  • Do you have any fears or fears that prevent you to go about your business or would like to overcome ?

  • Are you afraid of spiders, dogs, heights, public speaking, etc.?


The Phobia Clinic at Medipsy offers innovative treatments for phobias or specific fears. If you are afraid of situations like flying, public speaking or crossing a bridge, or things like dogs, heights, or insects, we have treatments for you. 

Our team includes psychologists and psychotherapists, as well as technicians specifically trained to assist you in dealing with your fear.


How does it work?

Research has shown that the key to successfully treating a phobia is exposure, which means gradually beginning to confront your fear. This will be always done at your pace, and accompanied by one of our professionals. You will always be in control.

What will happen?

  • One of our psychologists will work with you to set goals and develop an individualized treatment plan to meet them. You always have input into your treatment plan and its implementation.

  • When indicated, we will offer you the exposure sessions using virtual reality (cyberpsychology) to allow you to confront what you fear in the office and with control over the situation.

  • When needed, we will accompany you outside the clinic. We will be with you when it matters most, when you're about to face your fear. For example, if you are afraid of bridges, we will go there with you. 

  • When indicated, we will offer you longer sessions (2 or more hours) to meet your goals more effectively.

  • We will measure your progress to make sure that you achieve your goals.


What will not happen?

  • We will not ask you questions about your childhood or your parents, unless you think it is relevant. You have a phobia and this is what we will discuss and treat.

  • We will not leave you to yourself. When it comes to confronting your fear, we will be there with you.

  • You will never be forced to do anything. This is your treatment; you are in control.

To learn more about the use of virtual reality to treat phobias, please visit the Phobia Clinic at Medipsy by clicking the icon below.


Please note that Medipsy occasionally participates in research projects conducted by researchers from McGill University. If we have such a project in progress and you meet the inclusion criteria, you may have access to services at a reduced rate.