How we can help

We can reached at 514-419-3005 or by email at Depending on the availability of staff, we often accept patients in need of immediate help, without appointments. Please dial 514-419-3005 before sending the patient to the clinic. 

We offer services for children (child psychologist), adolescents and adults. This includes clinical and neuropsychological assessments, psychotherapy (high and low intensity based on a stepped care model), cyberpsychology/virtual reality, couples/marital therapy, sex therapy and much more. To learn more, see our page on services. Medipsy is located at 4610 Ste. Catherine O. in Westmount (Montreal). 

A multitude of studies demonstrate that effective inter-professional communication can have a dramatic influence on the quality of patient care. Good communication can help increase patient adherence to the treatments you prescribe and lead to better health outcomes. Medipsy psychologists and staff have training in inter-professional consultation and liaison with family physicians, psychiatrists, educators, social workers, teachers and others.

Medipsy has developed an effective inter-professional communication system that can be tailored to meet your needs.

  1. Easy referral process. The simple-to-complete referral form also allows you to request the follow-up information you require. The form is available as a pad for your desk or in a fillable online version. To request a referral pad, please email us at
  2. Evaluation. You may request the results of your patient’s psychological or neuropsychological evaluations for your records. The treating professional will handle the consent process and send you the assessment report with the psychological or neuropsychological diagnosis, relevant treatment recommendations, and the initial treatment plan. This information can be faxed to your office.
  3. Progress feedback. Medipsy psychologists use a well-validated progress monitoring system called the Outcome Questionnaire. The system results are regularly shared with patients and indicate when they have progressed beyond the clinical (symptomatic) range. You may indicate on your referral form if you would like to be notified when your patient moves out of the clinical range.  Medipsy will request the patient’s consent and communicate the progress feedback to you.
  4. Therapy termination report. When psychological services are completed, Medipsy therapists produce a termination report including the patient’s outcome, response to treatment, and follow-up recommendations if relevant. You may request a copy of this report for your patient file.
  5. Telephone consultation. Medipsy psychologists and staff are available to provide consultation about patient referrals, assessments and treatments and to answer any question you may have about your patient. Our intake professionals are also available during business hours to answer questions from you or your staff about assessments, treatments or referrals.
  6. And much more! We have a number of tools available to you, including a referal form, screening tools such as the GAD and the PHQ, a list of local resources, news and information on mental health and psychology, and brochures on mental health for your patients. Also take a look at our page on resources for professionals and at our YouTube Channel