Medipsy is dedicated to offering evidence-based clinical training not only to licensed professionals but also to students in graduate programs in clinical or counselling psychology and other mental health fields.

Students can indeed practice at Medipsy. This can be done through a formal internship with university credits, or as a paid position without university credits.

Formal internships with university credits

Students are required to already have clinical experience before applying for an internship. As such, Medipsy does not accept applications for introductory internships. Please send your CV to Dr. Fitzpatrick at Make sure it contains detailed information on your helping experiences to date (hours, types of work).  Also send a cover letter indicating your internship goals, why you think Medipsy might be a good place to achieve those goal and your level of French proficiency. 


Paid positions without university credits

It is also possible for advanced doctoral students to see patients to gain additional clinical experience at Medipsy. While there are no university credits tied to these positions, students must remain registered as university students and will be required to register with the Order of psychologists of Quebec as doctoral students offering psychotherapy services. These positions are highly competitive; students are required to already have clinical experience before applying, and must be bilingual. These students will receive payment for the services they offer and will be given supervision, free of charge. For more information, please contact Dr. Marilyn Fitzpatrick at