Research improves services

Using psychotherapy research to guide practice

Research provides a strong foundation for psychological practice. Unfortunately, it is not unusual for patients to be offered a treatment simply because it is what is comfortable or known to the mental health professional. 

The founders and numerous collaborators of Medipsy are experts in psychotherapy research and ensure that Medipsy psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors and trainees are all aware of and trained in evidence-based practice. Psychologists and psychotherapists use the Outcome Questionnaire, a progress monitoring measurement system that has proven results in helping therapists make corrections when sessions go off-track. Therapists also train in the use of empirically supported therapies (treatments that have been shown in research trials to have proven effects for certain problems or disorders) and best practice guidelines. Medipsy staff participate in continuing education activities to ensure that they remain current with research-based practices.


Generating knowledge to improve practice

Medipsy research is conducted under the leadership of the McGill Psychotherapy Process Research Group and the Science and Practice in Psychology Research Lab (SAPP) at McGill University and in collaboration with universities  locally, across Canada, and abroad. Investigations include basic research on psychological processes, on treatment processes, as well as studies of knowledge translation and dissemination and on how to build bridges between clinicians and researchers.