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Couple therapy & Family therapy

Are you having relationship problems or feeling unsatisfied in your marriage or family? 

Couples’ therapy (sometimes called marriage counselling) focuses on the relationship between two people.  Medipsy couples' therapists can help couples to recognize and handle troublesome differences and distressing patterns in their relationship. Family therapy can be helpful when the difficutlies of one family member have an effect on the well-being of other family members or when the family unit is not functioning in a way that is satisfying to everyone. Medipsy professionanls can also offer sex therapy for individuals or couples.


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Professionals offering this service


Trisha Dinh, sexologist and psychotherapist (sex therapy and couples' therapy): Couple's therapy, relational difficulties, intimacy problems, sexual difficulties. Services offered to adolescents and adults in French and English. 

Dr. Isabel Igreja, psychologist (couple’s therapy): Couple’s therapy, sexual disorders, conflicts, well-being, personal development, relational problems, etc.Services offered to couples in English, French, and Portuguese.

Christine Tillman, nurse, psychotherapist, marriage and family therapist (MFT): Couple’s therapy, family therapy, conflicts, well-being, personal development, relational problems, etc. Services offered to couples and families in English and French. 

Medipsy, for your couples' therapist or family therapist in Montreal.