At Medipsy, we believe in contributing to the community we serve. Please visit our Facebook page for news in the field of mental health.  Simply 'friend' us on Facebook to receive updates.  Mental health professionals may also wish to visit our LinkedIn page.

In addition, Medipsy offers:

  • Free or minimal cost workshops and conferences for the general public
  • Free workshops for not-for-profit organisations as part of their fund raising or outreach activities      


Medipsy also takes positions on issues that have an effect on the mental health of the population. The founding partners, Martin Drapeau and Marilyn Fitzpatrick, are active in lobbying efforts and informational activities to promote access to greater and better mental health services for all.

Dr. Drapeau, psychologist at Medipsy and professor at McGill University, is an expert researcher involved in the Coalition for Access to Psychotherapy. Psychotherapy should be available to anyone in need!