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Personalized psychotherapy (for children, adolescents, and adults)

Medipsy offers evidence-based treatments tailored to you.  We can help you if you are suffering from a number of problems including depression, anxiety, phobia or obsessive-compulsive disorder.  Our child psychologists, psychologists for adults and psychotherapists can help you to reduce stress, improve relationships, increase your focus, and improve how you function at work or at home. We offer services to individuals, couples, and families.  

The intake assessment is an important first step in evaluating your situation. Assessments are done with careful attention to your input and lead to a treatment recommendation designed to help you meet your goals. Medipsy therapists use scientifically validated methods to monitor your progress and help keep you on track. Psychotherapy services are delivered by licensed psychologists, psychiatrists, or psychotherapists who are trained in a range of cognitive-behavioural (CBT), humanistic, and psychodynamic therapies, as well as mindfulness therapy and behavioral activation for a variety of problems. We also offer virtual reality based psychotherapy (cyberpsychology) which can be used to treat a variety of phobias and other anxiety disorders, sex therapy, couples' therapy, family therapy and therapy for children (child therapy).

All the treatments we offer are backed up with robust research and are congruent with best practices and recommended guidelines. We also offer a stepped-care model of intervention (from low-intensity to high-intensity treatments) when needed, which allows you to receive the most effective therapy at the lowest rate possible. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about our services.  

Please note that Medipsy also offers specialized services in its clinics dedicated to phobias and to ADHD.




Do you need psychotherapy?


  • Do you feel sad, depressed, or anxious, or have trouble sleeping?
  • Are you afraid of certain situations or objects?
  • Has there been a crisis that has caused you to lose your enjoyment for everyday living?
  • Are you dissatisfied with your life? Do you want to live more deeply or fully?
  • Are you having difficulty discussing an important issue(s) with family or friends? Do you need an objective person to listen and help?
  • Have there been changes in your ability to cope and respond to life effectively?
  • Are you making the same mistakes over and over again?
  • Do you have a problem that is consuming too much of your time or your resources?
  • Do you have a problem that interferes with your work, your relationships, or your social life?
  • Do you have a problem that causes you or those around you to feel distressed?
  • Are there important consequences if you do not deal with the problem?
  • Is you family unhappy (family therapy)? Is there tension between family members? Do people in your family tend to fight or argue excessively?
  • Are you and your partner dissatisfied as a couple (couples therapy)? Has there been a challenge in your life as a couple that requires you to reassess or rethink your relationship? Do you tend to fight or argue to an extent that someone feels hurt or unhappy?



Professionals offering this service


PhotoDr. Deborah Schwartzman, psychologist

Mood disorders, depression, trauma, interpersonal difficulties, virtual reality, anxiety diosrders, phobia, generalized anxiety, etc. 

Services offered in English and French to children, adolescents, and adults. For more information.

Dr. Marilyn Fitzpatrick, psychologist

Acceptance commitment therapy (ACT), mindfulness, emotion focused therapy, adjustment disorder, depression, anxiety, relational difficulties, life transitions, wellness, assessment, diagnosis, etc.

Services offered in English to adults. For more information.

Dr. Katherine Thompson, psychologist

Psychotherapy, counselling, assessment and diagnosis, depression, anxiety, relational difficulties, communication problems, etc.

Services offered in English and French to adolescents, adults, older adults, couples, and families.  For more information. 

Dr. Martin Drapeau, psychologist

Depression, self-help, best practices, assessment and diagnosis.

Services offered to adults in English and French. 


IgrejaDr. Isabel Igreja, psychologist and couple’s therapy

Depression, anxiety, conflicts, well-being, personal development, etc.

Services offered to adults in English, French, and Portuguese. For more information.


Dr. Rachel Goodman, psychologist

Trauma and post traumatic stress disorder, obesssive compulsive disorder, etc. 

Services provided in English to adults. For more information.

Dr. Nadia Marini, psychologist

Individual and couple therapy, positive emotions, ADHD assessment and treatment (adults), anxiety, depression, stress management, relationship difficulties, etc.

Services provided in English to adults. For more information.

 Trisha Dinh, sex therapist - sexologist, couples' therapy

Sexual dysfunctions, gender identity, relational and emotional difficulties,  emotional dependency, infidelity, jealousy, etc.

Services offered in English and French to adolescents and adults. For more information.

Christine Tillman, nurse, psychotherapist

Depression, perinatal bereavement, bipolar disorder, suicide, separation, chronic medical conditions, attachment, personality disorders.

Services offered in English and French to children, adolescents and adults. For more information. 

Lisa Jewett, doctoral candidate

Anxiety, panic, agoraphobia, depression, body image, self-esteem, social anxiety, stress, assertiveness and communication, etc.

Services offered in English and French to adolescents, young adults and adults. For more information.

Michelle Mangal, counsellor and psychotherapy intern

Anxiety/stress, conflicts, grief, relationships, life transitions, self-esteem, etc.

Services in English and French to adolescents and adults. For more information.

Vanessa Delisle, doctoral candidate

Anxiety, panic, depression, relational difficulties, stress, etc.

Services offered in English and French to adolescents, young adults and adults. For more information.