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To schedule an appointment with a psychologist, sex therapist or neuropsychologist, or if you have questions, please call us at 514-419-3005 or email us at info@medipsy.ca. We are located at 4610 Ste. Catherine O. in Westmount (Montreal), Quebec, H3Z 1S3.


An entire team at your service

Our team of professionals includes psychologists, neuropsychologists, sex therapists, family therapists, guidance counsellors and ADHD coaches who offer a large variety of clinical services: 


Our team of psychologists and sex therapists can treat depression (including major depression) and other mood disorders, anxiety and anxiety disorders (generalized anxiety, social anxiety, phobias, panic, stress and post traumatic stress disorder), personality disorders (e.g., borderline personality disorder), childhood problems (e.g., oppositional disorder, anxiety) or support you or your child in dealing with ADHD. We can also help you think about your life and help you deal with daily problems. Our team can offer a variety of treatments and interventions including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), psychodynamic therapy, humanistic therapy, mindfulness, and much more. Our couples therapists and family therapists can help you improve how your couple or family functions, and our sex therapists can help with a number of conditions, including erectile dysfunction, dyspareunia, intimacy problems, and much more. 


See a description of the expertise of our team members.

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Walk-in clinic

Given the size of our team at our Montreal (Westmount) clinic, you can often see a professional when you need it most, including this very day. Simply dial 514-419-3005. While we cannot garantee this every day of the week, we will do everything we can to assist you and meet your needs. This service can be provided by licensed professionals or doctoral or psychotherapy interns. 

Low-fee therapy

We have a number of low-few options (e.g. low fee psychotherapy) available for the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders, as well as for other conditions. This includes assisted or coached bibliotherapy (self-help protocoles), as well as face to face sessions with doctoral or psychotherapy interns. Please click here for the fees for some of our other services.


Unwinding Anxiety

This program is based on the work of neuroscientist and addiction researcher Jud Brewer, MD.  His 3 step model uses mindfulness to help people address anxiety, overeating and smoking.  Our group will include lessons in how our minds work, guided mindfulness practices and interactive exercises.   We will harness kindness and curiosity to lead the way to outgrowing old habits and developing healthy coping strategies. Everyone is invited to a Free Orientation Tuesday, January 12 at noon.
Tuesdays 12 noon – 12:55 pm
live online via Zoom
Minimum 8-week commitment
monthly renewal available thereafter
$400/8 weeks
Change is not easy but sharing the journey makes it more interesting and enjoyable.  Register now by email at info@medipsy.ca for a free orientation to join this special class.

A team approach to personalized psychological services

All psychological services offered by Medipsy are tailored to you. We offer psychological, psychoeducational and neuropsychological  assessments and psychological treatments, including psychotherapy, that marry state-of-the-art scientific evidence with compassion, empathy, and a continual, personalized assessment of your needs. Your Medipsy psychologist, neuropsychologist or psychotherapist is your ally, someone who collaborates with you to establish an individual plan that will lead to the best outcome possible.  We will also stay in contact with your other treating professional(s) to create a team that gives you personalized, whole-person care. All of this under one roof, righ here in Montreal (Westmount). 


Medipsy offers established psychologists, physicians, and psychotherapists evidence-based assessment and psychotherapy training. Continuing education workshops are designed to train experienced psychologists, physicians, social workers, psychotherapists and other mental health professionals to improve skills in assessment procedures and to offer services in empirically supported approaches to psychotherapy. These are offered in Montreal and online. Medipsy also offers training in psychotherapy to therapists-in-training.    

A research-based approach to improving psychological services

Research provides a strong foundation for psychological practice, especially when it involves treating depression and anxiety disorders. The founders and numerous collaborators of Medipsy are experts in psychotherapy research, making Medipsy a unique facility in Montreal (Westmount) involved in treatment research and knowledge transfer, including in producing information videos.  Our university-based partners lead cutting-edge research investigations on psychotherapy and psychological service delivery for a number of conditions including depression and other mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and adjustment disorders.  Studies are conducted in collaboration with universities and research centers in Quebec, in Canada, and abroad.  All psychological services are implemented with careful attention to current scientific evidence. 

Our rates

A partial list of our rates is available here. For more information, please dial 514-419-3005 or email us at info@medipsy.ca


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Medipsy, for your psychologist in Montreal, your neuropsychologist in Montreal, or your family or sex therapist in Montreal, and much more. 

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